[ABOUT] Bayu Navanto

Hey dear

Yesseu i’m Bayu Navanto from 95line, just ordinary boy, like chocolate and something sweet.

Lets see how can i make you happy with my fiction, and dont forget please leave comment on my fiction after you read.

I’m still newbie so if ani correct in my fiction please tell me, it’s can make me grow up


some quote from me


We don’t wanna sleep through our whole lifes

We don’t wanna lose this word in the dark

We just need to work ’till we get this world right



you can find me on other site on

* http://livewritestory.wordpress.com

* http://indofanfictkpop.wordpress.com/author/bayunavanto


And last, lets get your crayon on your imagine and lets go up with that.

See You.

Bayu Navanto


DON'T BE SILENT READER! Leave your comment :)

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