[ABOUT] Lee Chan

Annyeonghaseo All…Lee Chan imnida >< i’m still 12 years old. I’m in junior high school, grade 1! I really love writing and reading. But i have a bad habit, just a little. I can’t keep my inspiration if i don’t have a good mood, and just like that. I will leave that story, alone..hahaha. Okay, let’s change the topic. My kpop idol ! Actually, i’m really immature fan. I have changed my idol few times. The first is SNSD, second is EXO, and the last is Running Man (?) just ignore it!

I just like someone who can make my heart always bright. Never sad. WIth their/his/her songs, i feel really emotional. And i will falling in love but just few days/weeks cause my feeling just change after that.

Ok, for the closing. I hope you all want to be my friends, author-nim or my lovely readers. I’m funny person, maybe. And you will not get bored or regret if you always beside me and be my friends…Aaa >< ok, ghamshahamnida everyone. Love you >,< FKI JJang!!


Ok, eum i hope you all want to be my friend


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