[ABOUT] reenepott


Well, actually I don’t know how to tell about myself #slapped XD

Uhm, first you can call me reene or reenepott, 98 Liners, Tiger’s Year and Pisces Girl XD I’ve been writing fan-fictions since… well, 4 years ago? Hehe, I know my writing isn’t that good but I love it haha.

Mostly I write SHINee’s fan-fictions, especially my lovely, big-eye-handsome husband, CHOI MINHO yeah~

But since I’m fall’in love with this cute superhandsome and charming guy, KIM MYUNGSOO/L, I used to write something about him too hehe.

I’m definitely a SHAWOL, INSPIRIT, BABY(oh my gawd Jung Daehyuuunnnn), BOICE(Minhyuk Yonghwa hmmm), andd… the rest. Hehehe :3 Can’t write them one by one, they’re more than ten._.

I think that’s all about me. Thank you for visiting ^^


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