Hello! /o

Introducing time~

Just call me with stylejung because thats my pen name now kekekek.

Maybe you know shinhyemin / shinstyle? yup! thats meeeee lol if you know me, nice to see ya again~

I was born on 1996, now i’m studying English Literature at university in Depok (guess the univ pls lol), I’m geminians. some of my friends call me “tales” (in english write as “Tallest” but pronun as “Tales” lol) because of my height (178 cm O_O)

Kpop freaks since 2009. since i know B2ST, thats why i love B2ST too much kkk.

f(x), B2ST, AKMU, WINNER, Ahn Jaehyun, Sora (STYLENANDA model) hardcore fans.

if you want to know more about me, contact me on @syifaad / nimeyh96 (LINE) / stylejung (KTalk)

Nice to see ya guys! enjoy my story :D


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