[ABOUT] Yhupuulievya

Hello There !

This is yhupuulievya

For everyone who is wondering about me, I wrote a bit description about myself

Check it out :

My name actually is Yulia but I’m known as yhupuulievya and call me yhupuu for make it simple. Beside that, Author, Onnie, or Saengie is fine too. as long as you don’t call me ‘Loe’ unless you are older or we’re close enough. that would be okay :)

I Love writing, reading, culinary, hangout, and yes… fangirling

I Hate rain, sweet milk, and rude people

Here a lil about my beloved ones :

Ultimate bias udah fix ‘KIM JONGIN’nya EXO, meski mungkin buat sebagian orang he isn’t as handsome as Sehun or Kris, tapi dia punya kharisma~ yup! esp kalo lagi dance. So damn perfect and Hot ? haha

Kalo buat member girl groupnya, my favo is ‘KRYSTAL JUNG’

Kenapa ?

Simple.. she’s just soooo awesome !

That’s all from me..

Kalo terasa singkat, you can mention me here > @yhupuulievyaa

Let’s have some chitchats :)



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