[ABOUT] Yoo Jangmi


My real name is Syara Shavira (like you really want to know that lol -__-), i was born peacefully (?) in Yogyakarta, 25th December 1996 (no babe, i’m not old).

As for here, people know me as Yoo Jangmi ❀ Jangmi means Rose ~ okay? :D

I love to sing, dance, and writing. I’m a Capricorn girl, and yes, I love K-Pop :3

Not so much about me that you need to know, so now i’ll let you know about my biases and my writing preference :D also some K-Pop couples i ship to death! lol

Let’s start from my fandom, i’m a Shawol & Kamilia, yes you know these old fandoms (?). As for my ultimate biases….


Well, I never really need a specific reason to stan Jiyoung! She’s cute overload and pretty and everything! LOL everyone loves her (so sad she had to leave KARA)


Well, this boy, another magnae lol. He leaves me breathless (joke), again, i have no reason to stan him. His voice is my favorite too among all SHINee members.

As for other biases of mine, there are too many to mention all of them here XD

K-POP couples: I ship SHINee-KARA (mainly Taemin-Jiyoung), but i do have other favorite couples such as HunStal, MinStal, JoeHyun, etc.

I like to write romance/fluff/comedy things, well sometimes i use genres like fantasy & supernatural or mystery too :D i rarely write angst/sad thingy ._.

I think that’s all :D wanna have some chit chat? do check (?) my twitter ☛ @_syjjing96 i don’t bite :D

4 thoughts on “[ABOUT] Yoo Jangmi

  1. Hey kamu line 96 ya? Jadi aku panggil kamu saeng ya hehe.
    Aku suka deh baca karya kamu hehe, oh ya truth or dare itu udah gak ada lanjutan lagi ya padahal aku nungguin banget plis terusin lagi hehe, semangat^^

  2. Wahhhh author Minstal? MinhoKrystal? Waw! Aku shipper mereka dan masih banyak lagi. Walau gitu aku menghargai yang lain, aku juga kadang baca ff Krystal dengan pairing lain, begitu pun dengan yang lain. Malah bercerita. Aku hanya ingin berbagi. Maaf, ini bukan sesuatu yang penting.

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