100 Random Drabble Collection `Part 3′


100 Random Drabble Collection (Autumn/Winter Special!)

Yoo Jangmi

Romance; AU



Various K-POP idols/couples

All cast featured here are not mine, but all story ideas are mine. Please inform me first & take with full credit if you want to take it.

Hello~ just got time to update this hehe :3 request couple idol x idol masih open. Tinggal komen aja buat requestnya, tapi seenggaknya hargai author juga dengan komentar tentang drabble/ff pendek yang udah dipost juga :)
These are drabbles no. 41-60

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EP 1

Title: The Rookies

Length: Chaptered

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance, Life, Friendship

Author: Stylejung

CAST/Main Cast: S.M ROOKIES S.A (OC), EXO Xi Luhan, INFINITE Kim Myungsoo (L), T-ara Park Jiyeon, BTS Min Yoongi (Suga), S.M ROOKIES Lee Eunhye (OC)

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A/N: Hello, greetings from FKI new author:) hope you enjoy the story yup. ah! THE ROOKIES is also published in my blog: shinstyle.wordpress.com PLEASE RESPECT THE AUTHOR by Giving comment and like at the bottom of the page. thank you:))




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[Freelencer – SONGFIC] Like A Dream

like a dream copy

Author : Nabila Ardhana IA

Main Casts :

–    A Pink’s Son Na Eun

–    Infinite’s Kim Myung Soo

Slight Casts :

–    A Pink’s Hong Yoo Kyung & Kim Nam Joo

– Infinite’s Sungyeol

Genre : Angst, Friendship

Theme Song : Like A Dream – A Pink

Rating : General

Author Said : FF ini dibuat lama sekaleee hanya kesukaan semata terhadapt lagu dan kopel so NO BASHING~ HAPPY READING C: (Aku bawa ff baru tapi bukan punyaku sih hehehe)

“Na Eun.. Son Na Eun, kan ?”


==============LIKE A DREAM================

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Dear, Krystal Jung

Sincerely, Ilo.ve.aj


Psychology, Surrealism!, Romance


Disclaimer: [Warning] Typo(s), alur berantakan, dialog terlalu sedikit
This is mine, don’t ever try to blame it as yours, I’m watching you

A/N: Poster by Hyerahani @ Cafe Poster

Reccomended Song:
Journey – Open arms
Zedd – Clarity
David Cook – Always be my baby

Summary: Cerita tentang Soojung, dia, dan arus waktu

Copyright © 2014 Ilo.ve.aj



Manusia tak bisa menahan lajunya waktu. Jika ia memaksakannya, ia akan mendapat hukuman, benar? Namun, bagaimana jika, aku membebaskan diri dari lajunya waktu, dan memulai milikku sendiri?


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[First Lesson] The Qualified Qwartet



Dear, Krystal Jung, Park Jiyeon, Xi Luhan, Kim Myungsoo

Sincerely, Ilo.ve.aj

Summary: Not an Ordinary Extraordinary, they are Extra Extraordinary

| Fantasy | School-life | Romance | Sci-fi | Chaptered | Teenager |

Disclaimer: Thanks for Cicil @HSG atas cover yang awesome! :D
This is mine, don’t ever try to blame it as yours, I’m watching you

Copyright © 2014 Ilo.ve.aj

The Qualified Qwartet

Story Begin

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