2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi. We are fan of K-pop. We’re opened a K-pop website in a group. A blog like yours with regular postings about the K-pop scene is a great source of information for fans.
    Information such as Shinee members’ personal data, Super Junior’s latest concert schedule and new songs of f(x) and Sistar are at the core of our interest. I think collecting and exposing fans’ requests to the musicians would be of value, too.

    Fans in Dusseldorf are waiting for FT Island. http://www.qbox.com/q/58/161
    Fans in Frankfurt are waiting for SHINee. http://www.qbox.com/q/4/20
    A MBLAQ fandom has been formed in EUROPE. http://www.qbox.com/q/21
    I hope such news actually materialize real concerts for fans. Thank you. I am looking forward to your next posting already.

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