A Drabble

By Risuki-San


SHINee’s Onew & IU | General | Romance, Hurt-Comfort

© 2015 Risuki-san

Note :

Ini sekuel dari FF berjudul PIONER


‘Einstein dalam teorinya berucap jika benda dapat bergerak melebihi kecepatan cahaya, maka benda itu akan mengembara diantara dimensi waktu’



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Bad Blood [1/? : I Am a Vampire]

lazy to edit the cover so sorry 8')


[1 / ? : I Am a Vampire]
by Yoo Jangmi

Genre: Fantasy. Romance | Length: multi-chapter | Rating: PG16 (for safety)

Main Cast
EXO Kai | f(x) Krystal | SHINee Taemin
Supporting Cast
Red Velvet Seulgi | EXO Sehun | Hello Venus Alice | 17 Vernon

All cast (except original character) belongs to God, themselves and their agencies, i only borrow their names for this story. Storyline is purely mine!
Inspired/loosely based on The CW TV Series “The Originals” & “Vampire Diaries” which based on novel series by the same title written by L.J. Smith.

This is just a fiction, i have flaws, forgive me if i did a mistake regarding places names, historical content, etc. I tried to describe it as real as i can but i’ve never been there before 8’)

Note: Have any request for cameo or special appearance cast? Go on tell me^^ Baca lebih lanjut